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  • Take Control with Online & Mobile Banking

    Ever wonder how you can keep better track of your spending? Save money more easily? Bank more efficiently? Eliminate late-fee charges on your bills? Even help protect yourself from fraud? The solution for much of these is already right in your hands — Online and Mobile Banking.

    These services give you the power to connect with your money anytime, anywhere, and offer tools and features to help you control your money more easily than ever before. You can:

  • CardValet® -- A Quick & Simple Solution

    Last March, Mission Valley Bank launched CardValet®, a mobile card management application that helps reduce account fraud by allowing cardholders to monitor accounts with their smartphone and control how, when and where their debit card is used.

    CardValet was developed in partnership with Fiserv and is available in the Apple® App Store or Google® Play. Once CardValet is set up, cardholders have the ability to “turn off” their card when not in use, establish transaction spending limits and decline a transaction when the amount exceeds a predefined threshold.

  • What Tax Reform Means for Small Business
    by Marianne Cederlind

    What keeps business owners awake at night? According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses’ (NFIB) “Small Business Problems & Priorities Report,” five of the Top 10 issues directly relate to taxes. To give context, concerns regarding cash flow ranked a lowly 25 on the list, with business financing trailing at 69 and 70. The entire report can be viewed online at www.NFIB.

  • 7 Ways to BOOST Business Cash Flow

    What's the key to having a successful and long-standing business? Does it involve having a revolutionary product or idea? Possessing specialized expertise to offer a needed service? While those things are important, the most critical factor that contributes to business success is how well you manage your cash flow.

    Yes, cash flow really is king. You can have the most innovative product on the market or be the most experienced service provider in your area, but if you can't manage the money that flows in and out of your business, your business won't be successful — or be around for long.

  • 8 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience —

    It's the new buzzword in business. The trend that has companies of all sizes looking at how they serve their customers — at every stage. It's called the customer experience or CX for short, and it provides a unique opportunity for companies to

    differentiate themselves and build ROI. The customer experience isn't about a single interaction a customer has when they first purchase a product or service; it's about all the interactions or touch points they have with a company. It could be an experience at the point-of-sale, online, or even when they receive your invoice. Building relationships, loyalty, and revenue. The theory behind CX is simple: If companies can better understand what customers want, they can deliver it to them, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.

  • Mission Valley Bank Goes Mobile

    Have you heard? Mission Valley Bank has launched two new Mobile Banking services – one of them is just right for you. Whether you use our more robust, Business Online Banking or our Small Business & Personal Online Banking service – we’ve got you covered.

    Download the app that’s right for you today. Here’s how:

    Business Online Banking clients– the Business Mobile Banking* App is for you.

  • Seismic retrofitting is not for the faint of heart

    What happens in Los Angeles often impacts surrounding communities. Specifically, the earthquake safety laws signed in October 2015 by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti are considered to be the toughest in the nation. It requires that the owners of an estimated 15,000 buildings most at risk of collapse during a major quake make the structures stronger.

    The affected properties include non-ductile concrete buildings (not including detached single-family homes or duplexes built before 1977) and wood-frame apartment complexes built on top of carports. Property owners will have seven years to fix wood apartments and 25 years to fix concrete buildings under the new ordinance.

  • Trusted Advisors

    Trust can be an overused word in the business world but a necessary concept. Through what seems like an endless stream of advertising messages, we are asked to trust products and brands. Politicians ask for our vote of confidence at the polling place. It can be both emotional and logical. Emotionally, vulnerabilities are exposed with the belief people will not take advantage of that openness. Logically, we assess the probabilities of gain and loss, calculate expected utility based on hard performance data, and conclude that the person or entity in question will behave in a predictable manner. In practice, trust is often what matters most. It is the fabric that binds employees to employers, customers to companies, and companies to their suppliers and partners.

  • Financial Projections — Key to Business Financing

    A business seeking capital must recognize the importance of financial projections. A business financial projection is simply forecasting your sales and revenue to the lender. This information is important because it is a key indicator to your ability to repay a loan.

    If you are unsure about financial forecasting for your business it might be best to hire a consultant. Most lenders will want to see a three- or five-year projection and there are as many as 14 items to include and fully support in your financial projection. You may also be asked to give a month-by-month breakdown for the first year, a quarterly breakdown for the next two years, and an annual breakdown for the final two years in your forecast.