Five-Star Financial Service

Get All the 'Extras' That Make Banking a Pleasure

At Mission Valley Bank, we take our customer service seriously. As one of our valued customers, you'll get the five-star treatment, including convenient 24/7 phone and Internet access to your accounts, as well as many of our other services through advanced information technology.

Whether you meet with us at one of our branch offices, use our 24-hour Touchtone Banking or access your accounts via our Online Banking service, you are assured of a higher standard of service.

Balance Plus

This is a personal line of credit tied directly to your Mission Valley Bank checking account. If your checking account is a little short, your Balance Plus line will automatically advance funds to cover any overdrafts. * Prior approval is required.

  • Tied directly to your checking account.
  • Automatically advances funds to cover overdrafts.
  • No more returned check fees.

Cashier's Checks

We offer safe and secure Cashier’s Checks to our customers so they can conduct financial business without having to deal in cash. Available at any of our bank branches; give us a call for complete details.

  • Cashier's checks available.
  • Call for fees and other charges.
  • Safer than cash.

Credit Cards

Our personal credit cards are available at very competitive rates. Select the type of card you prefer (VISA or MasterCard) and the benefit package that best fits your needs.

  • Easy application and prompt decision.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Select the card that best fits your needs.

Debit & ATM Cards

Debit cards give you the convenience of shopping anywhere MasterCard is accepted, without the hassles of check writing or the risk of carrying cash. Our debit card works the same as our ATM cards, allowing you easy access to all members of the STAR and PLUS networks.

  • Use anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Avoid check-writing hassles.
  • Includes ATM services at STAR and PLUS networks.

Direct Deposit

We can receive your checks and Federal recurring payments for direct deposit. Enroll today and start receiving your payments in a safe and convenient way. Deposited funds are always available when you need them, even when you’re out of town.

  • Direct deposit checks and payments.
  • Safe, fast, and convenient.
  • Reduce risk of lost or stolen checks.

Notary Services

Mission Valley Bank has a number of on-site Notaries at each location to assist our clients whenever they need them—just call us at (818) 394-2300 to make an appointment.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A secure way to store your valuable items and documents. Each office of Mission Valley Bank offers our clients 4 different sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes to best suit your needs.

Touchtone Banking

Mission Valley Bank’s Touchtone banking system saves time and lets you access banking services whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can access the system from any touch tone phone. Move quickly and easily through every transaction—just listen to the menu and use your telephone keypad to make your selections.

  • Check balances and recent transaction history.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Reorder checks.
  • Request Stop Payments.

Learn more about Mission Valley Bank's Touchtone Banking Service

Make the Switch to Mission Valley Bank—call one of our friendly business banking professionals at (818) 394-2300 to learn more.