• Fraud Alert: April 6, 2022
    Fraud Alert

    We have recently learned that Scammers posing as IRS Agents, have been calling people throughout the country, suggesting that the individual’s Tax Refund has been sent to an account Mission Valley Bank. If you are not a Mission Valley Bank client, we are not in receipt of your IRS TAX Refund.

    Any funds transferred to Mission Valley Bank that are not associated with an active Mission Valley Bank account holder are researched and immediately returned to the sender. 


    Billions of people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks in 2018 with losses surpassing tens of millions of dollars, according to global digital security firm Positive Technologies. The sheer volume of major companies – Marriott, Dunkin’, Under Armour, among others – hit by data breaches indicate incidents are on the rise.

    In today’s business climate, cybercriminals aggressively target not only large companies but also small businesses with ever-increasingly sophisticated attacks. Spoofed emails, malicious software and online social networks to obtain login credentials to businesses’ accounts, transfer funds from the accounts and steal private information are on the rise.

  • Creating a Business Plan

    Whether you are just thinking about starting a business, or are already up and running, your business plan is an essential ingredient to your success. The business plan is where you lay out everything that you know about your business and why you believe your business will succeed. It will serve as a guideline for the formation and development of your business. It will help you to make decisions and to measure your successes or shortfalls along the way. It is also a document that lenders such as financial institutions or the Small Business Administration will use to determine whether to loan you money for your business. In short, no business should be without a business plan.

  • January is National GET ORGANIZED MONTH!

    If one of your New Year's resolutions was to get organized, this is the month to take action! Organize your office (or your home) using these simple tips:

    • Start small—organize a cabinet or drawer rather than taking on the whole office. Select one area a day (or a week) to tackle and tidy.
    • File what needs to be filed. Shred what needs to be shredded. Discard or donate items you haven't used in a year or two.

      REDUCE CLUTTER —Sign up for E-Statements, Online Bill Pay, Mobile Banking and online delivery of notices from YOUR BANK & OTHER service providers.

  • The Federal Trade Commission Shares Common Scams That Target Small Business

    Fake Invoices 

    Scammers create phony invoices that look like they’re for products or services your business uses — maybe office or cleaning supplies or domain name registrations. Scammers hope the person who pays your bills will assume the invoices are for things the company actually ordered. Scammers know that when the invoice is for something critical, like keeping your website up and running, you may pay first and ask questions later. Except it’s all fake, and if you pay, your money may be gone.

  • Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

    Recent natural disasters have (or should have) prompted organizations to review their plans for handling different types of emergencies. Being prepared for any type of natural or man-made disaster makes good business sense. Here are some ideas to consider for handling an emergency that make good common sense. Important Files

    By Carol Kando-Pineda, Attorney, Division of Consumer and Business Education / Federal Trade Commission

    You get a text, call, or email from someone who says they’re with the government. They may claim to be a U.S. Marshal, saying you must pay a fine for missing jury duty. Or the IRS, saying that you owe thousands in back taxes. Some might threaten legal action, deportation, or arrest if you don’t pay up or give them your financial information.