Get Custom Business Checking for Every Need

Business Checking Accounts

Isn’t running your business tough enough without having to worry about all of its related financial needs? At Mission Valley Bank, we take the hassle out of business checking by keeping the paperwork to a minimum and by giving you personalized customer service.

Our business checking accounts are available with a variety of options and services built right in to make your banking as painless as possible.

Better Banking and Service—Every Time.

Analyzed Business Checking

Serious checking for businesses with a high volume of transactions.

Specifically created for medium to large businesses with high volumes of monthly activity. The service charge fees for this account are determined by the transaction volume and services provided, offset by an earnings allowance on the average collected balance.

  • Ideal for businesses with a high volume of monthly banking activity.
  • service charge fees determined by transaction volume and services provided.
  • Earning allowance based on average collected balance.

Attorney Client Trust Accounts

Variable interest checking for California attorneys who receive/distribute client funds.

This variable-rate, interest-bearing checking account was created for California attorneys and law firms that receive and disburse client funds. Monthly service charge fees will be deducted from interest earned, with net interest forwarded to the State Bar Association. Net charges due are the responsibility of the attorney.

  • Available to California attorneys and law firms only.
  • Monthly fees deducted from interest earned.
  • Net interest forwarded to State Bar Association.
  • Net charges due are the responsibility of the attorney.

Business Checking

The checking account for businesses with relatively low transaction activity

Specifically created for small- to medium-size companies that don’t have a lot of banking transactions each month. By maintaining either the minimum daily balance or average daily balance outlined in the Schedule of Fees, the monthly service charge fee is waived.

  • For small to medium-size businesses.
  • Businesses with relatively low number of monthly transactions.
  • Fees waived if minimum balance requirements met.

Business Interest Checking

Your collected deposits earn a variable tiered interest rate based on the account balance. Maintain the minimum daily or average daily balance and avoid monthly service charge fees.

  • Variable tiered interest rates determined by account balance.
  • Fees waived if minimum balance requirements met.
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