An Important message for our customers regarding the Target data breach.

We recommend you closely review the information provided in this letter for some important steps that you may take to protect yourself against potential misuse of your credit and debit information.

As reported in the news, Target reported a breach to their security that resulted in unauthorized access to Target payment card data. This includes both credit and debit cards used to make purchases in its stores from November 27, 2013 through December 15, 2013. Protecting customer and account information is a top priority for Mission Valley Bank that we take very seriously. As such, we are taking extra precautions to try and keep your accounts safe. Target Scam

If you made purchases at Target during the affected dates, we ask that you monitor your accounts more closely to look for unfamiliar purchases. Additionally, you can set up account alerts that will advise you when transactions over a certain dollar amount are presented against your account.

What you should know:

  • Mission Valley Bank customers have zero liability for fraudulent activity. That means you will not be liable for unauthorized transactions reported to the Bank.
  • We were informed that there wasn’t significant personally identifying information stolen such as Social Security numbers or addresses.
  • If you used your card during the time of the breach it is possible that fraud can occur. However, if you did not use your card at Target during this timeframe we do not have reason to believe your card was compromised.
  • If your card is identified as one at risk because of the security breach, you will be notified by the Bank and a new card reissued to you.
  • Whether you are notified, or not, it is a good idea to check your accounts and your credit reports to ensure no unauthorized transactions have occurred. You are entitled to one free copy of your credit report every year at .We will also be monitoring your accounts and notifying you of any suspicious activity.

We appreciate the inconvenience this has caused you and ask for your patience as we take the necessary precautions to protect your account from fraud.

If you have any questions or additional concerns please call us at 818.394.2300.

IMPORTANT: If you are a customer of Mission Valley Bank and have already responded to a suspicious e-mail, and provided any personal or sensitive information, please contact us immediately at (818) 394-2300.